A capital campaign and the project that it affords are both transformative moments in an organization. 

A successfully executed capital campaign can assist in addressing an institution’s structural needs, enhancing institutional endowments, or capitalizing on unique opportunities that the organization may be provided.  Further, a well-executed capital campaign can rally support from within the organization, its community, and its benefactors. A capital campaign should be a life-giving and enriching experience. Support in the preparation for a future capital campaign is done through long-term visioning, donor cultivation, database enrichment and development program preparations.

Pre-Campaign Gift Range Chart

Long before a consulting firm arrives, public announcements are made or volunteers are recruited, a successful campaign begins with some insightful analysis and honest conversation.  A pre-capital campaign gift range chart is an essential tool to model and predict your probability of success.  A pre-campaign gift range chart projects the likely range and quantity of transformative, leadership, major and transactional contributions necessary to achieve the hypothetical goal.   When contrasted with a review of previously secured contributions and commitments, the strength of your donor and prospect pools informs the necessary cultivations steps ahead of the campaign launch.

Donor Prospect Report

The gift range chart helps to quantify your needs for campaign contributions and estimate the number of donors needed to secure those gifts – both mathematical analyses.  Yet donors are not numbers – they are people with interests, opinions, and circumstances.  They are cherished relationships to be cultivated and enjoyed.  A successful capital campaign begins with investing in key relationships – and enough of them – years prior to any public announcement.  Identifying and managing those relationships is best done through your CRM system or a donor prospect report.  Let Sacred Heart Consulting show you how.

Pre-case for support wording

You see, first-hand, how full your campus ministry’s church is every Sunday.  You understand why a new student center is essential and your vision for what God is calling your Newman Center to become is clear.  While others may generally understand your vision, are they intellectually and emotionally inspired sufficiently to give generously – even sacrificially?  Will your dream for the Newman Center become their dream too?  The work of stirring their imagination and inspiring their generosity begins a with a strong case for support.  Let’s get started writing yours!

Benefactor recognition strategy development

While many benefactors prefer their charitable support to be anonymous, others appreciate the opportunity to be recognized.   Tasteful, public recognition is not a lack of Christian humility, but often reflects a donor’s desire to honor a loved one or inspire future generations.  Leaving a family legacy of devotion and charity is a noble pursuit.  Toward this end, Sacred Heart Consulting can help you establish a benefactor recognition strategy that fits your organization’s style, while appropriately honoring the generosity of those who will make your capital campaign a success.

Capital campaign / expansion plan cash-flow analysis

If you do not intentionally plan to succeed, you inadvertently plan to fail.  Sacred Heart Consulting can help you develop a fund development and expansion planning cash-flow strategy.  Complex projects often include variables beyond the direct cost to build.  A thoughtful plan to balance campaign contributions and expansion expenses is critical for your success and to garner the trust of discerning major campaign donors.