The elephant in the room is that campus ministries often don’t know how to engage transformative leaders.

Sacred Heart Consulting can assist in the identification, engagement, and solicitation of major gift prospects, through a donor-focused, mission-driven Major Gifts Campaign.  Working one-on-one with the Pastor, the Development Director, and a Development Advisory Committee, Sacred Heart Consulting Company will help formulate strategic approaches to engage donor prospects capable of major, leadership and transformative gifts.

Establishment of Gift Range Chart

What is a “major gift” for your organization - a level of financial support that garners an elevated response of stewardship?  At what point does a contribution move from being transactional to transformative?  While emotive responses may subjectively indicate your answers, quantitative data analysis can more accurately establish your major gifts threshold.  Once defined, the utilization of a gift range change will lay out a roadmap for both your major gifts and annual fund campaigns. 

Donor and Prospect Segmentation

A dynamic major gifts campaign begins with the segmentation of current donors and likely prospects, based on connectedness, interest and capacity.  Segmentation often utilizes CRM constituency codes, fundraiser assignments and active prospect pool management.  Sacred Heart Consulting can help to identify your major gift constituencies and how to collectively manage them in a meaningful workflow.

Cultivation, Solicitation, and Stewardship Strategies

A successful major gift program is not built simply on groups of constituencies, but the many unique individuals within each demographic.  “Know thy donor” is the fundamental principle through which authentic cultivation, meaningful solicitation and rewarding stewardship are practiced.  Through tailored major gift strategies and funding proposals, your major gifts campaign can achieve new heights of engagement and fiscal success.