An organization’s enthusiasm and missionary zeal can often mask the stark reality of being ill-equipped to succeed in its mission. 

 Picture1Sacred Heart Consulting can assist in the documentation of multi-year historical benchmarks within the areas of ministry engagement, development revenue and operational expenses, to be used in institutional budgeting, donor and foundation engagement, and the measurement of future success.  Institutional benchmarking is a critical first step in the creation of long-term development goals and expansion planning.

Institutional Assessment 2.0

The first step to advancing an organization toward the success which they desire, that which God has called them to, is an honest self-reflection and determination of where they are today.  However, the challenge to this important step is not failing to know the answers to critical questions, but uncertainty as to which questions must be asked.

Picture3Sacred Heart Consulting Company provides clients with the digital assessment resource to ask the necessary questions.  This tool invites cross-departmental input and, in doing so, opens lines of critical thinking and communication.  Upon completion, each client receives a quantitative score indicating areas that merit further consideration and focused attention. 

In addition to an organization’s self-assessment, a multi-institutional comparison is provided, measuring the strength and weakness of each institution against the average of peer organizations.   Ministry is not a competition.  Yet understanding the aggregate successes of those in similar ministry spaces can provide a clearer vision of where each institution currently resides and what they could strive to achieve.

Further, institutional assessments can be repeated annually, measuring the internal progress that has been achieved and benchmarking an organization’s continued success.

Fund Development Analysis 

Picture4Following the Institutional Assessment 2.0, a quantitative survey of the fund development program provides insights into giving histories and fund-raising potential.  Together, these tools enable you to capitalize on existing development strengths and invest in areas with the potential for further growth. 

Short-Term Fund Development Goal Setting

The next step includes benchmarking your development progress over the previous three to five years, specific to each campaign, appeal, and fund.  With this data organized and guided by broader institutional priorities, concrete fund development goals can be established for the coming years.  Short-term goals that are challenging, yet achievable, lay a framework upon which long-term success is built.

Development Program Staffing and Budgeting

Picture5The Institutional Assessment and Bench Marking’s final step includes fund development budgeting.  Strengthening an organization’s fund development program necessitates sufficient human and financial capital.   With assistance from Sacred Heart Consulting, the client will draft a multi-year plan that includes the fund development staffing, a department organizational chart, fundraising budget, and other practical considerations.   Tailored job descriptions, interview questions and performance expectations are provided, equipping organizations with the tools to build the development team.   Assistance with development job interviews is also available.