A well-structured database system is the essential foundation of a successful professional fund development program.

Picture6Sacred Heart Consulting can support the implementation and utilization of the client’s development database system, with particular emphasis on database segmentation, queries and reporting, major gift prospecting, donor communications, ministry engagement tracking and development reports.  Sacred Heart Consulting Company is particularly versed with eTapestry and Raiser’s Edge NXT and will be most knowledgeable with their utilization

Campaign - Appeal - Fund Strategies

Evaluating your fundraising efforts, today and into a growing future, begins with a clear, systematic database.  Ensuring that each donors’ charitable intent is acknowledged and accomplished is an essential stewardship practice and reflects ethical professionalism.  Sacred Heart Consulting will help you to understand the rationale for establishing proper campaign, appeal, and fund classifications, and can assist in structuring your database and fund development system accordingly.

Picture7Annual Fund Constituency Targeting

Effective annual fund programs combine a persuasive message, inspiring images, and targeted solicitations.  Learn to leverage your CRM (constituent relationship management) system’s data to connect the precise donors with compelling opportunities, when the timing is right, and the solicitation is accurate.  Well-managed data can both reduce your annual fund campaign’s cost-per-dollar raised and increase your success.

Prospect Portfolio Management

Effective major gifts campaigns are built on one thing, relationships.  Yet even ardent professional fund managers need systems to manage their portfolios.  Learn to leverage your CRM’s potential to effectively cultivate and track each major gift officers’ suspects, prospects, and active donors.  Stop allowing missed opportunities to result in missed charitable support.

Picture8Customized CRM Reports and Utilization

Even an abundance of data remains ineffective if not properly organized and interpreted.  Leverage the reporting tools already built within your CRM system to gain valuable insights into your fund development program and explain it to organizational leadership and board members.  Build custom reports to accentuate significant insights and unearth missing opportunities buried under meaningless information.