Simply asking an individual for money, will likely garner advice.  Ask them to share their thoughts with you and it’s likely that you’ll receive their support as well.

Sacred Heart Consulting can assist with the identification and engagement of a volunteer advisory board to strengthen your organization’s ministry growth, expansion planning, fiscal oversight, and fund development program.  Specific areas of committee member’s engagement often include organizational leadership, ministry involvement and fiscal stewardship.

Board and Committee Organizational Structures

“To Jesus, through meetings,” as the saying goes – but stop making your meetings purgatory.  Volunteer boards and committees can be transformative opportunities for those who serve.  Learn to engage your board of advisors more deeply, seeking their active participation and genuine engagement.  The process of sharing their personal interest and professional expertise will strengthen your campus ministry, mentor your key staff members and garner more significant fiscal support. 

Member Roles, Expectation and Recruitment

The first step to building the board of advisors that your campus ministry urgently needs, is concisely framing the volunteer’s role.  A simple, yet thoughtful job description can define the roles of an engaged board member, making their term of service fulfilling and their efforts fruitful.  Sacred Heart Consulting can help to develop the right board of advisor’s job description for your campus ministry, as well as help identify and recruit the most impactful individuals. 

Meeting Agenda and Reports

“If we are all going to be stuck here for a couple of hours, let’s at least make it interesting.”  Recruiting a dynamic and transformative board of advisors is a futile exercise if you don’t continue to engage them through clear and compelling board reports.  Delivering honest and transparent information is both ethical and necessary to building the trust of those providing guidance.  What do quality board reports look like?  How much is too much information?  How is it best delivered?  Once you’ve found the preferred balance for your campus ministry, you are poised for deeper engagement and more meaningful feedback.